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Fishing, Java Island

Alt-Java island map Indonesia, Java Island

The National Park Udzhung Kulon is situated at the western tip of the Java Island, near the Sunda Strait. After the catastrophic eruption of the Krakatoa Volcano in 1883 several of the local fishing villages were wiped out, and the people had never come back to the area. Because of this the 1206 sq km National Park is protecting the biggest unaltered jungle woodlands at the plain part of the Java Island. The protected territory includes two islands, Peuchang and Panaetan. This park is the first in the entire country, and in 1991 it was included into the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The Park is protecting the natural complex of the Western Java Island, including the last 50-60 specimens of the Javanese rhinoceros, Javanese wild ox (banteng), zambar (deer)., leopard, and many other animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. At the Peuchang Island right near the hotel you could watch deer, wild boar, monkeys, giant lizards, etc. Nearby there are the reefs with incredible diversity of the "coral jungle".

Alt-national park mapThe Udzhung Kulon National Park map

Itinerary for the 10-day program:

Day 1. Arrival Jakarta, meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

Day 2. Living the hotel at 3 AM the group goes with cars to the town of Sumur (5-6 hours), boards the boat, and goes into the sea. The trip to the Peuchang Island lasts for 2,5-3 hours. Trolling fishing along the way. Hotel at the island is literally surrounded with the virgin jungle. Persons interested could participate in the night fishing with bait and artificial light.

Day 3. The fishermen go out into the sea at 5 AM, visiting the fishing grounds near the Panaetan Island (popper fishing). The group will fish till 10-11 AM and then comes back to the hotel. Lunch, swimming, resting, snorkeling in the "home reefs". At about 4 PM the evening fishing begins.

Alt-boat indonesiaOur boat is big and comfortable

Day 4. Fishing from 5 AM: trolling around the Peuchang Island, then into the open ocean. Here we will search for the tuna and marlin. We also could try to fish with the poppers and baited bottom lines. During fishing it is probable to see the pods of dolphins, whale sharks, and jumps of marlin. The group will fish till 12 AM and then comes back to the hotel. Lunch, swimming, resting, snorkeling in the "home reefs". At about 3 PM the excursion to the Java Island to watch the wild oxes and other wildlife (this excursion could be organized any day), or fishing.

Day 5-7. In the National Park Udzhung Kulon: morning and evening fishing; at the day swimming, snorkeling in the reefs between the islands, jungle excursions. When we will be lucky with catching a bog fish (jack, tangeri), it could be grilled in the evening over the open fire at the beach).

Alt-Java flyfishingA little jack caught with a fly

Day 8. In the morning the group leaves for the town of Sumur, and then by cars to Jakarta; night in hotel (arrival at 6-8 PM).

Alt-Java island coastThe coast of the National Park

Day 9. Excursion to the Taman Safari - a big zoo in the mountains, near the town of Bogor.

Day 10. Jakarta: shopping in Pasaraya, a gigantic souvenir mall. One of our groups had spend here 9 hours! After the shopping we will bring you to the airport.

Alt-Java island jungle

There is no requirements to make any inoculations for short-term visiting of Indonesia. We recommend taking the malaria medicine Lariam (one a week or as prescribed). In the National Park malaria is very rare.

Communications: in the National Park the cellular phones do not work. Only the emergency radio is available at the Park administration. Electricity: the 240 V AC is available at the hotel at 5-11 PM.

Alt-Java island mapWahoo


At the western, plain part of the Java the normal air temperatures are 26-32*C; in the mountains it is cooler. Humidity is high. The rainy season is from December till February. On these months it rains literally every day, especially from 3 till 6-7 PM.

Alt-Java island mapSnapper

The best fishing season from mid March till mid December. The rest of the year is stormy period, when it might be difficult to get to the National Park.

We work with the mixed team of guides from Indonesia and Russia.

Alt-Java jack fishing

The fishing in the waters of the National Park Udzhung Kulon is legal; the total fish diversity is about 1200 species. Here you can catch many fish species:

Rays – about 20 species; Rockfishes and snappers – about 100 species; Jacks – 20 species; Barracuda; Surgeon fish – 15 species; Parrot fish – 20 species; Tuna – 15 species; Wahoo; Tangeri; Triggerfish – около 30 species; Marlin - 2 species; Sailfish; Swordfish;

Alt-Java jack fishingA little jack

Bring your own fly tackle. We have all necessary spinning tackle.

Alt-Java island map Ray

Take along:

• Polarizing glasses; • Dry bag or rubber backpack for the camera, spare clothes, etc.; • Stainless pliers for hooks removal; • Folding knife; • Ruler; • Charger for your camera; • Repellents; • Flashlight; • Portable alarm-clock; • Medicine which you might need • Good sun protection lotion; • Sea sickness medicine; • Mask and flippers for snorkeling (optional) • 1-2 extra towels.

Alt-Java island fishing needlefish Needlefish are very strong!


• 2-3 pairs of light shorts; • Light, long sleeve shirts and pants for the jungle excursions and flats fishing; • A pair of non-slippery shoes or booties for the boat fishing and reefs • A pair of "more serious" boots with thicker soles for the jungle excursions; • A hat should shadow your face, ears, and neck.

The cost of the 10-day tour is about $2,000 per person (for the groups from 2 to 6 people). The exact cost will be calculated when we will know all specifications of your trip. In the cost are included: 1. All car and boat transfers ; 2. Food on the way and in the National Park, including fruit, soft drinks and beer; 3. Use of the fishing boat and spinning tackle, bait; 4. Guiding; 5. Permission to enter the National Park; 6. All listed excursions;
7. Hotel booking and fees (the $30 a day hotel fee is calculated; for more expensive suites the client will pay extra.

There are 3 options of hotel at the Peuchang Island:
--- 30$ a day per person – room for 2; --- 60$ a day per person – room for 2; --- 80$ a day per person – room for 2, air-conditioner; --- 100$a day per person – room for 2, air-conditioner.

In Jakarta there are numerous options of accommodation from $30 a day to 5 star hotels.

Alt-Map IndonesiaMap of Indonesia


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