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This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Yama River

Brief info on the drainage Yama River is flowing into the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk to the east from Magadan. Its length is 315 km, and the watershed surface — 12500 sq. km. The drainage is not populated and not changed by the human activities. The diversity of Salmonids is high (7 species are spawning). These are pink, chum, sockeye, coho, and 3 species of anadromous chars! Among these chars are not only widely distributed Dolly Varden char and white-spotted char (kundzha) but also rare Levanidov’s char (yellowmouth char). This species Salvelinis levanidovi was discovered in 1984. The key stretch of the river valley (45 km) is protected by the Magadanski Nature Preserve. The sources of the Yama flow from the plateau where also some tributaries of the Kolyma River are beginning. Alt-Yama River sources Moose crossing a creek Alt-Yama River moose Upper Yama, August. Floating is the most pleasant way to see the whole river. Alt- Yama River floating The middle reaches of the Yama near the mouth of dark-water Studenaya River. Alt-Yama River Studenaya Yama River valley Alt-Yama River Tob In the lower reaches of the Yama you can see some spruce — this is the only habitat of this tree in Magadan region. Alt-Yama River nature preserve spruce Fishing camp before the evening thunderstorm. Alt- Yama River floating A group of French fishermen is having dinner in the helicopter. Tomorrow they will go back to Magadan and then home. Alt-Yama River helicopter It was long ago... Lunch at the bank, German and Dutch fishermen,1994. Alt-Yama River Fishing lodge at the mouth of the Studenaya River Alt-Yama River Studenaya camp Lower part of the Yama, mid October. Alt-Yama River In July the bears some to salmon streams to fish Alt-Yama River bear In the Yama there 3 char species: Dolly Varden charr (top), Levanidov’s char, and whitespotted char (bottom) Alt-Yama River yellowmouth Levanidov char Yama is one of the streams where one can catch a trophy kundzha (whitespotted char) Alt-Yama River whitespotted char Arctic grayling from the Yama R. Can be very big! Alt-Yama River grayling The most numerous salmon of the drainage is the chum. On some yours its runs number hundreds of thousands. Alt-Yama River chum salmon Silver male of coho salmon Alt-Yama River coho Coho is caught mostly with big, bright flies. One of the best is the Egg Sucking Wooly Bugger on # 2 hook. Alt-Yama River coho The beauty and the beast.. Alt-Yama River coho chum Coho salmon in spawning colors: this fish had spent in the fresh water not less than 3 weeks. Alt-Yama River coho A typical fly box for an Pacific salmon river Alt-Yama River flies salmon river A side channel of the Yama, used by salmon for resting. The fish looks like dark spots in green water. Alt- Yama River coho Three coho and two chum salmon move upstream in one school. Alt-Yama River coho underwater The water in the Yama can be extremely clear (author I.Uchuev, Magadan) Alt-Yama River chum underwater Do you want to float and fish the Yama? Alt-flyfishing Russia

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