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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Amur River, the last days of May

Yesterday I was fishing in the Amur River below Khabarovsk. There was no wind, so I had started the fishing with the 3-weight rod. The tiny Belly-Up type wobbler-fly had attracted a good size Monglinl redfin.

Alt- Alt-Amur-flyfishing-redfin It was very pleasant to land this fish with a 3-weight rod and a tiny fly on the #14 hook (Mongolian redfin)

Alt- Alt-Amur-flyfishing-redfin Most often I catch redfin with size 6 or 4 streamers and heavier tackle. The using of the wobbler-flies allows catching the same fish with much lighter tackle and smaller flies. This is no doubt more sport.

Later I was fishing with 2-handed rod and #4 yellow Belly-Up. The catch was two little yellow-cheeks. Later, after the sunset, I was able to land some skygazers; there were no big ones that evening.

Alt-Amur-flyfishing-yellow-cheek Yellow-cheek is a swift predator which can be up to 2 meters long.

Alt-Amur-flyfishing-yellow-cheek A small yellow-cheek is caught with a Belly-Up.

Alt-Amur-flyfishing-skygazer The skygazer at that day had come close to the bank after the sunset.

The results of the fishing are supporting my «thesis» that to fish for any Amur predator one needs only a set of several wobbler-flies of different types.

Alt-Amur-far-eastern-turtle I was lucky to see and photograph a good size Far-Eastern turtle (Chinese tryonix Pelodiscus sinensis).

Alt-Amur-sunset Sunset at the main channel of the Amur River.