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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Seychelles – post 4

The second week of my trip I have spent at the Alphonse atoll. I was fishing by myself - by wading or from a plastic kayak. I was lucky to catch lots of diverse fish.

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse Alphonse atoll map

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-trevally Bluefin trevally caught at the reef

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-emperor Летрин Charaxes guderiana

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-stingray A little stingray

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-goatfish Goatfish also bite flies – there are several species of them at the atoll

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-emperor Yellow-lipped emperor

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-bonefish This bonefish is caught with a little crab fly tied on a flat base made of lead

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-mullet Mullets can bite crab patterns

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-queenfish Queenfish is very strong and fast

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-needlefish Good size needlefish

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-needlefish This needlefish is not smaller than 3 kg

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-trevally Good size bluefish trevally

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-nautilus A broken shell of Nautilus – squid relative

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-pufferfish Pufferfish also bite flies

Alt-Сейшелы-Альфонс-рыбалка-нахлыст-иглобрюх Dangerous teeth!

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-pufferfish Reaction to any danger

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-jobfish Green jobfish is a predator

Alt-Seychelles-flyfishing-Alphonse-jobfish Green jobfish