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Nabil River, Nabilski Bay, north-eastern Sakhalin – part 1

Nabilski Bay is located on the northeast coast of the Sakhalin Island. Several rivers drain into the bay, the largest of which is the Nabil River. This is a very productive shallow bay with mixed fish fauna - here live marine, brackish-water, and anadromous species.

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Nabilski Bay map

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil We started out float from the “lower” bridge. The distance from here to the sea is 60 km along the river. The river has many log jams.

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-cherry salmon A small cherry salmon, probably, a dwarf male of the species

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-char Anadromous Dolly Varden char Salvelinus malma

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-char Dwarf male of Dolly Varden

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-fox A fox is interested to know the type of my camera

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-loach Siberian loach Barbatula toni

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-taimen Young sea-run taimen (age 1+)

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-benthos Benthos of the middle reaches of the Nabil

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Steep sandy banks

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil On the way to the Sea of Okhotsk

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil One more portage

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-redfin Igor has caught a redfin

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-swallows Nesting area of the swalows

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-butterfly Today there are many butterflies at the river