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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Seychelles – post 3

The 1st week at the Alphonse I was fishing at St.Framcois atoll. The fishermen come here every morning by boat from the Alphonse Island (11 miles). This atoll has 10 times more flats than the Alphonse.

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-map Map of the St.Francois atoll

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing In a comfortable boat named St.Francois we are beginning the first fishing day

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing Flies selection is extremely important

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing Everybody is in preparation

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-flats skiff On such boats – flats skiffs – we will be fishing with guides

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing A little Bijutier atoll is rarely visited by fishermen

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing Flats fishing with a guide

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-bonefishing-bonefish Bonefish is the most numerous fish of the St.Francois

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-bonefishing-bonefish Bonefish looks like a barbel or nase. It is a very strong and rather spooky fish, not too easy to catch.

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-flats fishing Little groupers are like ruffs – they also bite anything, and often prevent you catching something bigger

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-triggerfish Most often fishermen catch bonefish on sandy bottom; at grassy and coral bottom one can look for triggerfish

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-triggerfish A tiny giant (or mustache) triggerfish

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-triggerfish Yellow-margin triggerfish Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus. Triggerfish is smart and careful; it is hard to catch with a fly.

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-triggerfish Triggerfish has powerful jaws; hold it carefully – the fish can bite

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-triggerfish This is what the triggerfish has done with my crab fly!

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-GT-trevally Guide with a 12 kg giant trevally (GT). This not too big fish we had to follow with motor boat about a kilometer.

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing-GT-trevally GT on a flat – when you see this predator on a shallow, it is possible to sight-fish for it

Alt-Seychelles-St.Francois-flyfishing During the high tide the sea will flood this flat, but we have time to finish our lunch