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Strange Names

Near the Vyazemski village the A-370 «Ussury» highway (Khabarovsk – Vladivostok) is crossing three creeks bearing the same name, Sedmaya (The 7th). To not confuse these rivers, they were numbered.

Alt-Khabarovski-Krai-Vyazemski-Amur This is the 1st Seventh Creek

Alt-Khabarovski-Krai-Vyazemski-Amur This is the 2nd…

Alt-Khabarovski-Krai-Vyazemski-Amur And this is the 3rd Seventh…

Это какой же бешеной фантазией обладал человек, который придумал эти названия!

The man who came up with these names should have truly had a frenzied fantasy!