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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Cuban Fishing

During this fishing I was fishing mostly without a guide or boat. I was wading the shallows, looking for fish and selecting the flies. I was able to land 12 fish species; some of them I have not caught before. General impression: the fishing pressure in Cuban coastal waters is high; most of the fish were small. The fishing is difficult; in many cases the success depends on the knowledge of necessary fly patterns and on presentation.

The bottom flies (crab and shrimp imitations) should match the bottom coloration. The contrast flies are often avoided by the fish. Small bright elements do not spoils the fly. The streamers should be matching the baitfish present in the area. On the other hand, various “fantasy” flies do not work. Tropical marine fish are not like salmon or char - they are often careful on what to eat.

Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-Hemingway Ernest Hemingway statue at the bridge across the strait Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-bonefish Bonefish pod at the beach near the Cayo Guillermo Sercotel Club. At the sunset the hotel guests are sleeping, and it is possible to fish. Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-bonefish Bonefish: in Cuba this fish is easier to see than in the Seychelles. May be in Cuba it is just bigger. Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-barracuda Big barracuda in mid water: this is how the lens is showing it Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Diverse areas are the best for fish Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Selfmade needlefish fly with no hook - I have tied knots on tips of each thread Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing The hookless fly is working! Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Normally I carry 2 rods - 9 and 12 weight Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing From a Hobbycat it is possible to troll (I was using a big streamer on 12 wt rod) and to fish from an anchor Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-ballyhoo Ballyhoo - Hemirhamphus brasilensis (in Spanish - escribano) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-bar jack Bar jack - Caranx ruber (in Spanish - cibí carbonero) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-barracuda Barracuda - Sphyraena baracuda Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-bonefish Bonefish - Albula vulpes Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Grey snapper - Lutjanus griseus (in Spanish - caballerote) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing Common grunt - Haemulon sciurus (in Spanish - arará) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-king mackerel King mackerel - Scomberomorus cavalla (in Spanish - sierra) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-mutton snapper Mutton snapper - Lutjanus analis (in Spanish - pargo criollo) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-grouper Nassau grouper - Epinephelus striatus (in Spanish - cherna criolla) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-needlefish Hound needlefish - Tylosurus crocodilus Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-yellow jack Yellow jack - Caranx bartholomaei (in Spanish - cibí amarillo) Alt-Cuba-Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo-fishing-flyfishing-snapper Yellowtail snapper - Ocyurus chrysurus (in Spanish - rabirrubia)