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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Nestucca River in May

In May I was able to fish the Nestucca River near the Pacific City, Oregon. The run of the Chinook salmon in the river has started. One more species in catches was cutthroat trout.

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca Near the sea the Nestucca River is forming a long, narrow estuary. This is tidal area with slack current.

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca Silver sea-run cutthroat trout is a close relative to rainbow trout

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca My friend Jay is one of the best in catching Chinook with a fly

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca Boat fishing in the Nestucca estuary is much more convenient than from the bank

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca King is on!

Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca This little chinook was a great fighter



Alt-USA-Oregon-flyfishing-Chinook-cutthroat-trout-Nestucca Medium size Gotcha type fly with the upright hook