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In July at the Amgun River mouth

The Amgun is a large left tributary of the Amur, which joins it 146 kilometers from the mouth. This is the deepest part of the Amur River - in the area of ​​the Tyr village there is a place deeper than 50 meters! Below the mouth of the Amgun, the average width of the Amur is at least 2 kilometers, and the depth in many places - from 20 to 30 meters. Most chum and pink salmon stocks remaining in the Amur reproduce in the Amgun. The most beautiful and interesting lake in this area is Dalzha. This is a natural reservoir - the sediment of the Amgun River have blocked a vast mountain valley. In the last decade in the Amur the pikeperch is becoming more and more numerous. Here it is possible to catch both European and American species of this predator.

Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha Dalzha Lake occupies a wide valley and is surrounded by mountains

Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha-moose Running moose

Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha Sandy beaches of the Dalzha Lake


Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha-Amur pike Amur pike is plentiful in the lake

Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha-Prussian carp Big Prussian carp

Alt-Amur-Amgun-Dalzha-viper Swimming viper

Alt-Amur-Amgun Fishing from a boat

Alt-Amur-Amgun-skygazer Good size skygazer!


Alt-Amur-Amgun-flyfishing-walleye This is typical walleye!


Alt-Amur-Amgun One of countless channels of the wide Amur floodplain