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Sakhalin Island, Poronai River, Part 1

Poronai is the biggest river of the Sakhalin Island; it is 350 km long. The fish fauna of Poronai is mixture of resident fish from the Amur River (pike, ide) and anadromous fish from the Pacific ocean (Pacific salmon, charrs, sea-run taimen, Pacific redfin). The river is protected by marshes and swamps; its upper part it is impossible to reach by car. To get to the starting point of the float we had to go by ATV.

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin This road to the upper part of the Poronai River is impassable by any car

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin To get to the river we had to hire an retired army personnel carrier

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin-ATV The float had started at the Taulan River

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin-Taulan This is upper Poronai near the mouth of the Taulan River. The river has colored water; it is 10-20 meters wide, and up to 2 meters deep.

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin We were floating the river and fishing in all suitable places. A couple of times we had to saw through a log jam.

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin Passing another log jam

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin-pike The first caught fish was the Amur pike. It is one of the most numerous species in the river.

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin-ide In summer the Amur ide is feeding mostly on insects, but it is always ready to swallow small fish. Silver streamer on a bottle-tube was working well.

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin-coal On the gravel bars of Poronai there are lots of pieces of good coal; we were using it for cooking

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin The first days were hot, and it was hard to catch anything interesting. It was mid July; time when countless poplar seeds are flying downwind

Alt-Poronai-Sakhalin Poronai River has lots of long deep pools. It can take long time to cover even one such pool with sport tackle.