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Africa, Congo

There are two countries named Congo. The southern one is Democratic Republic of Congo with a capital Kinshasa. This country used to be a colony of Belgium. Further north there is a smaller country, Republic of Congo with a capital Brazzaville. This city with a population of one million is located at the northern bank of the mighty Congo River — across from the 7-million megapolis Kinshasa. Most of the images in this post were shot near a little town Loutete.

Alt-Khabarovsk Amur Beginning of the trip – the aerial view at Khabarovsk and Amur River in April)

Alt-Paris aerial The best way to get to Republic of Congo is via Paris

Alt-Africa Congo All taxi-cabs is Brazzaville are painted green; most of them are old Toyotas

Alt-Africa Congo Brazzaville has a population of 1 million (photo from www.turmir.com)

Alt-Africa Congo Poor suburb of Brazzaville

Alt-Africa Congo Pointe-Noire – the only big port of the country; the city is located at the Atlantic Ocean

Alt-Africa Congo Construction in Pointe-Noire and souvenirs traders

Alt-Africa Congo Little shop in Point-Noire

Alt-Africa Congo The terrain is mostly savanna with gallery forests along the rivers

Alt-Africa Congo *Most of the trees grow along the creeks *

Alt-Africa Congo A strip of jungle forest along a ravine and a creek on a slope

Alt-Africa Congo Night thunderstorm

Alt-Africa Congo The local ladies going to the market

Alt-Africa Congo After crossing the Niari River by a ferry the local people will carry their crops and firewood to the town of Loutete

Alt-Africa Congo Young generation, Boko-Songho village

Alt-Africa Congo *The ladies are carrying the 50-kg baskets with manioc roots *

Alt-Africa Congo Loutete - edge of the town

Alt-Africa Congo The local bus

Alt-Africa Congo Town of Loutete

Alt-Africa Congo The bus is leaving!

Alt-Africa Congo House work

Alt-Africa Congo A little market

Alt-Africa Congo Big sugar-cane plantation

Alt-Africa Congo Old Toyota is loaded with the sacks with manioc

Alt-Africa Congo A valley of dry creek

Alt-Africa Congo In the thickets along the Loutete River

Alt-Africa Congo fishing Nobody had ever seen a flyrod here

Alt-Africa Congo fishing Local fishermen near the Mfouati village

Alt-Africa Congo fishing At the Loutete River near the waterfall