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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Prussian carp with a fly

It is not easy to get to this lake. It is located 100 km downstream the Amur River from Khabarovsk, on marshy left bank where there are no roads. I wanted to have a boat at the lake, so I had to go by an inflatable kayakmade by Bratan, with a small outboard jet-motor. I was able to cross several channels of the Amur up to 1 km across; in this boat one feels secure on the medium size wells.

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-Prussian carp-Bratan-inflatable-kayak The last obstacle is a portage to the lake which is not connected with the Amur...

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-Prussian carp First I am is crossing a little pond, and then pull the boat through brush and thick grass.

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-Prussian carp Prussian carp is biting small nymphs which should be presented at the bottom, with jerks and pauses.

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-Prussian carp I was catching Prussian carps of different sizes; some were not small.

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-Prussian carp Except the nymphs I was using silicon insects on a small jig. It looks like the Prussian carp in some cases is using mostly his sight, and chasing actively moving artificial lures.

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-sawbelly Besides the Prussian carp, I was catching other fish, like sawbelly...

AltAmur River-Amur spotted barbel-flyfishing spotted Amur barbel...

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-catfish little catfish...

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing-yellowcheek and even a tiny yellowcheek!

Alt-Amur River-flyfishing