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Galapagos – part 2

Alt-Galapagos-marine iguana-lizard A lizard at the marine iguana (Fernandina Island)

Alt-Galapagos-marine iguana Marine iguana – Hood Island

Alt-Galapagos-marine iguana Marine iguana – «alien portret»

Alt-Galapagos-penguin Island Isabela – penguins

Alt-Galapagos-cormorant Island Fernandina – flightless cormorant

Alt-Galapagos Island Isabela – snorkeling in the Tagus Cove

Alt-Galapagos-ray Island Isabela – golden rays in the Tagus Cove


Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz Island – wet zone

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz Island – Hemelos

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz Island – daisy tree

Alt-Galapagos Hood Island – sea surf in the lava tube

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz Island – lava tube

Alt-Galapagos James Island – Puerto Egas

Alt-Galapagos Plaza Sur Island – alien landscape

Alt-Galapagos Bartolome Island

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz Island – 15 meter tall prickly pear

Alt-Galapagos Prickly pear blossom

Alt-Galapagos James Island Джеймс – lava lizard

Alt-Galapagos Isabela Island, Urvina Bay – terrestrial iguana


Alt-Galapagos Turtle at the biological station

Alt-Galapagos Island Santa Cruz - turtle