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I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Cuba, Havana, April 2018, part 1

I have come to Havana from Moscow; for 2 days I was strolling its streets. Havana strikes with its contrasts of architecture, flavours, sounds, and human behaviour. Spain has spent huge efforts to keep this land…
Alt-Cuba-Havana Sunset from the Malecon seafront which is called “the longest bench in the world” Alt-Cuba-Havana Alt-Cuba-Havana El Morro Castle was constructed in 1589, and the lighthouse - in 1845. Alt-Cuba-Havana In the dusk more and more people are gathering at the Malecon. In the darkness the seafront could be rather crowded. Alt-Cuba-Havana Alt-Cuba-Havana Malecon at night Alt-Cuba-Havana The streets of Old Havana near Malecon Alt-Cuba-Havana Havana Capitol is impressive (this is the northern wing) Alt-Cuba-Havana Waiting for the tourists Alt-Cuba-Havana Floridita is one of the favorite bars of Ernest Hemingway Alt-Cuba-Havana This is a true “time machine” - it is over 60 years old, but still looks and runs like a new one… Alt-Cuba-Havana Tree-like streetlight