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Galapagos – part 3

Alt-Galapagos Hood Island, sea-lion rookery

Alt-Galapagos Sea lion female

Alt-Galapagos Sea lion

Alt-Galapagos James Island – fur seal


Alt-Galapagos Lava gull

Alt-Galapagos Plaza Sur, swallowtail gull

Alt-Galapagos Frigate

Alt-Galapagos Hood Island – masked booby

Alt-Galapagos * Hood Island – masked booby is feeding a chick*

Alt-Galapagos * Hood Island – dancing blue-footed boobies*

Alt-Galapagos Bartolome – lava heron

Alt-Galapagos James – night heron

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz – striated heron

Alt-Galapagos *Blue heron

Alt-Galapagos Blue heron

Alt-Galapagos Pelican

Alt-Galapagos Pelican

Alt-Galapagos Floreana Island – a lagoon near Punta Cormoran

Alt-Galapagos Pintail

Alt-Galapagos Flamingoes at the Floreana Island


Alt-Galapagos Plaza Sur – a finch

Alt-Galapagos Santa Cruz – a finch

Alt-Galapagos Hood Island, Galapagos dove

Alt-Galapagos Owl