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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Tugur River in June

The last 10 days of June I managed to visit the Tugur River again. We fished on the rivers Konin, Munikan and in the upper part of the Tugur, below the confluence of the rivers Konin and Assyni. When we appeared on the river, the water was quite high, but its level was decreasing every day. The activity of the fish was increasing. We were fishing only with flies, using two-handed rods with sinking lines. The Tugur taimen differs from the fish from many other rivers in that it is very rarely caught on the surface lures & flies.

During this trip, several large fish were caught on the fly, including a record taimen weighing 32.4 kilograms. This fish has already been approved by IGFA as a new world record.

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Taimen is on! The guide is ready with a net.

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing In high water it is often better to fish from a boat



Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing * A fish 145 cm long weighed only 30 kilograms; in the fall such a taimen is usually heavier by 5 to 10 kilograms*


Alt-Tugur-lenok-flyfishing Good size lenok landed with a taimen streamer

Alt-Tugur-merganser Ducklings of a merganser

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Medium size taimen

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Active taimen are feeding in the shallows below the rapids

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing The mass hatch of the hawthorn butterflies

Alt-Tugur-pike-flyfishing A meter long pike was landed in one of the numerous bays of the Konin

Alt-Tugur-grayling-flyfishing Lower-Amur grayling

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Taimen streamer underwater


Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Released taimen has no hurry to scape into the depth

Alt-Tugur-grayling-flyfishing Good grayling imitation on a tube

Alt-Nimelen-taimen-flyfishing Nimelen River, big rain-flood

Alt-Tugur-taimen-flyfishing Tugur River has braids with numerous channels

Alt-Konin-taimen-flyfishing Konin is a typical forest river