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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Amur Winter

The winter had come, and huge river is freezing over. This time a fishermen does not have much choice: either tying flies and dreaming on the summer, or ice-fishing. I like both. Let us start with fishing. Amur is freezing unlike the lakes or slow rivers do: the first ice is forming only along the banks, and at the main waterway slush-ice and ice-floes are mowing (it is the fall ice-flood). Only in about two weeks the entire river freezes over. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeThe Beshenaya Channel near Khabarovsk is finally frozen Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeIce flowers at the river ice near an unfrozen hole After freezing at the main channel of the Amur the wide stripe of the ice-hummocks is forming. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeAmur near Khabarovsk — here the main channel of the river is about 2 km across Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeWhen the is not much snow, the frozen channels make good roads. This time it is possible to go far from the pavement even with a 2WD car.. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pike... and even with a bicycle. The biting of Amur pike in winter normally begins with the sunrise or later. In the evening the fish can be active also after the sunset, while it is still enough light. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeMorning frost at the Emoron channel Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeFishing in a tent is much warmer The most active biting period of the pike is December. Later the fish are becoming lazy and do not feed every day. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeAmur pike is the main catch of the Khabarovsk fishermen in winter Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeIn Amur the fishermen normally use wooden ice-fishing rods with a strong line (I am using mostly the 0,65 mm mono) with a self-made lure called «Crab» We catch pike with various plugs, lures and heavy jigs. Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeThis pike had bitten a «Crab» with a silicone twister * Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeThe most popular color of our winter lures is white with some red Alt-Amur icefishing ice-fishing pikeAmur pike looks like a salmon or trout*