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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

The first trip to Mongolia

Alt-Mongolia Near the Khubsugul Lake

Alt-Mongolia Snow and horses

Alt-Mongolia Morning frost at the river

Alt-Mongolia Vultures near a dead horse

Alt-Mongolia, ger In a ger

Alt-Mongolia, ger Our ger after one more snowfall

Alt-Mongolia Tomor Egch and Darja Guai


Alt-Mongolia New-born calfs



Alt-Mongolia Перед поездкой

Alt-Mongolia Our group in riding along the river and listening for the signals of the radio-tagged taimen

Alt-Mongolia This wheel is made with no nails; this design had barely changed from the times of the Genghis Khan



Alt-Mongolia Eigin-Gol River is covered with ice; we can not use a boat and ride horses

Alt-Mongolia Eigin-Gol below the mouth of the Uur-Gol River

Alt-Mongolia, Hun «Deer stones» were put by the ancestors of the Huns people about 3000 years ago



Alt-Mongolia The deer images are well preserved

Alt-Mongolia, lenok Sharp-nose lenok was biting streamers

Alt-Mongolia, taimen Tiny taimen

Alt-Mongolia This is how a fish sees a fisherman