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Motor-Boat Festival in Khabarovsk

On July 19 and 20 in Khabarovsk, in the southern part of the city (Amurskaya Channel) there will be annual motor-boat festival.

Alt-Amur-River-motor-boat-festival Annual festival is rather popular among the Far-Eastern non-pros and professionals in the water-sports. Regardless to rainy weather the gathering at the sandy beach was remarkable.

Alt-Amur-River-motor-boat-festival Here you could see the owners of good size motor boats

Alt-Amur-River-motor-boat-festival Motor kayak Bratan B-450 is a unique boat: one person could move it up to 8 km/hour with a paddle, and with a 5 hp outboard motor and two people it makes 23 km/hour.

Alt-Amur-River-motor-boat-festival The 65 km per hour speed is not a joke!