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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Agnevo River, Part 2

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-sculpin Huge freshwater sculpin

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-loach Siberian loach Barbatula toni

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-sea-run taimen One of the few tiny sea-run taimen which we were able to catch. In July the big ones are feeding in the sea.

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-redfin Pacific redfin is an anadromous carp

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-estuary Out camp in the lower part of the river, near the estuary

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-jasper Nice piece of jasper found in the water

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-smelt Rainbow smelt in the spawning colors – male (top) and female

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-stickleback Three-spine stickleback can live in both fresh and salt water

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-estuary The estuary of the Agnevo River

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-mouth The river mouth and the sea

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo Gill nets hidden by the poachers which visit this place during the main salmon runs

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo This table is used by the poachers for the preparation of the salmon caviar

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo Abandoned village at the river mouth

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo Dmitry and Alexey (lunch at the river)

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo-barbie Have you forgotten how they look in reality?

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo Today the sea is too stormy for the little kayaks. We have to pack everything and carry in the backpacks along the sea coast.

Alt-Sakhalin-Agnevo We are packed. Let’s move!