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The lampreys have come!

The Japanese (Pacific) lamprey Lethenteron japonicum is entering the Amur River in the fall, and by mid-December its dense shoals reach Khabarovsk. Local anglers catch it with excitement - after all, the lamprey is very tasty!

Alt-Amur-Khabarovsk-lamprey At the dyke at the Pemsenskaya channel the strong current is not freezing even on coldest nights

Alt-Amur-Khabarovsk-lamprey Excitement

Alt-Amur-Khabarovsk-lamprey In the night the lampreys run is better than in the day

Alt-Amur-Khabarovsk-lamprey No fish, no snake

Alt-Amur-Khabarovsk-lamprey These ugly looking, slimy creatures have excellent taste…