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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Nabil River, Nabilski Bay, north-eastern Sakhalin – part 3

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-redfin In the tidal zone of the Nabil River there were lots of eso redfin Tribolodon esoe

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Our camp near the Nabil Bay

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil The fishing in the bay is hard, especially on windy days

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-streamer-kundzha The best flies for white-spotted char or kundzha in salt water were big, yellow and orange streamers

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-kundzha-capelin White-spotted char is feeding by capelin today

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-kundzha If you succeed to find feeding school of the white-spotted char, it is easy to catch rather big fish

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Sunset at the Nabil Bay

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Larche trees at the marine spit

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Nice little lily Fritillaria camschatcensis

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-greenling Greenling is more difficult to catch with a fly than char or sculpin

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Old wooden fishing boat

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-sculpin If your fly touches the bottom, you will catch a sculpin

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-antiwobbler Antiwobbler is one of the best flies for pelagic Salmonids in deep water

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-кунджа In the sea the white-spotted char is a strong fish

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil This year there are lots of the stone-pine cones. The nutritious nuts of this plant are eaten by the bears in the fall