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Busse Lagoon

The unique shallow Busse Lagoon is located on the Aniva Peninsula, in the southeast of Sakhalin Island. Our stay here coincided with the very hot weather unusual for the island.

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin-oysters Oysters

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin-oysters

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin Large-billed crow

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin Gulls at the sand spit

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin-sea-run redfin Anadromous redfin

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin-подкаменщик Marine sculpin

Alt-Busse Lagoon-Sakhalin-нерпа Harbor seals at the sunrise

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