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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Western Chukotka

I was able to visit the Western Chukotka: Lelyuveem River to the North from the Tytyl Lake, in the mountains between the Malyi Anyui and Bolshoi Anyui Rivers, and also at the Mechkereva River which is the right tributary of the Upper Anadyr.

Alt-Chukotka-Lelyuveem-Yarakvaam Lelyuveem River with its left tributary Yarakvaam

Alt-Chukotka-Lelyuveem The Lelyuveem River in its middle reaches is forming lots of channels and braids

Alt-Chukotka-Tytyl Lake Mountains near the Tytyl Lake

Alt-Chukotka-Tytyl Lake Tytyl Lake

Alt-Chukotka-east-siberian grayling

Alt-Chukotka East-Siberian grayling

Alt-Chukotka This year July is late spring: there is still lots of snow


Alt-Chukotka-озеро Уткугытхын Utkygytgyn Lake



Alt-Chukotka-озеро Липчиквыгытгын Our camp at the Lipchikvygytgyn Lake

Alt-Chukotka-клейтония This plant is edible

Alt-Chukotka-grayling Skinny, dark grayling from a tundra stream


Alt-Chukotka-Yakoveem River-Bolshoi Anyui The Yakoveem River belongs to the Bolshoi Anyui River drainage

Alt-Chukotka-cottonweed Cottonweed at the winter-road

Alt-Chukotka-Utkyveem River A lake in the source of the Utkuveem River


Alt-Chukotka Rocks in flowing water

Alt-Chukotka-Mechkereva-Anadyr The Mechkereva River is aright tributary of the Upper Anadyr