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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Nabil River, Nabilski Bay, north-eastern Sakhalin – part 2

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-redfin There are 3 species of Pacific redfins. This is small-scale redfin – Tribolodon brandti)

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-cherry salmon Cherry salmon was not numerous, so it was not easy to catch

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil The braided areas had log jams. On the way to the sea we had to portage over 5 log jams.

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-taimen Little sea-run (Sakhalin) taimen

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-cherry salmon Cherry salmon often strike classic Atlantic salmon flies

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil In some places the river is up to 50 meters wide

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-chum salmon Chum salmon smolt and its imitations

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-whitespotted char Some specimens of white-spotted char have pink dots

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-minnow Lake minnow Phoxinus perenurus is also present in the drainage

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-stickleback Three-spine stickleback (top), and nine-spine stickleback

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Near the sea the river looks like slow, deep pool

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-coho salmon Coho salmon smolt ready to the sea migration

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil-kayak I prefer an inflatable kayak to any rubber boat

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Our convoy is coming to the Sea of Okhotsk

Alt-Sakhalin-Nabil Here one can feel the waves created by the coming tide