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B This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

A trip to the Lower Amur

Alt-bird cherry tree-Amur River Ripe bird-cherry

Alt-fly-flyfishing-cherry salmon-Amur River Dwarf male of cherry salmon. This salmon is rather rare in the Amur.

Alt-fly-flyfishing-flathead asp-Amur River Flathead asp is common in the lower parts of the cold rivers

Alt-fly-flyfishing-chum salmon-Amur River In September the summer form of chum salmon is finishing the spawning

Alt-fly-flyfishing-lenok-Amur River Sharp-nose lenok is found in strong current, below the riffles

Alt-fly-flyfishing-lenok-Amur River Good size blunt-nose lenok; this fish is also named Siberian trout. In the Lower Amur this fish could be big - up to 10-11 kg.

Alt-wobbler fly-flyfishing-Siberian taimen-Amur River I was lucky to have a bite of good size taimen (140 cm, 25 kg). The tackle: 6-7 wt rod, sinking line, 15 pt tippet, and size 6 fly. The landing took half an hour.

Alt-wobbler fly-flyfishing-Siberian taimen-Amur River Taimen was caught with a size 6 yellow wobbler-fly about 6 cm long

Alt-fly-flyfishing-Amur pike-Amur River In the lower parts of the rivers it is possible to catch big Amur pike

Alt-fly-flyfishing-goldfish-Amur River Fat goldfish is numerous in the lowland areas