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Kamchatka, Raduga River - part 3

This historical site is also famous by its fishing. In the Raduga River
there are lots of char. Most of the local char is not the Dolly Varden char. This species was described as white char Salvelinus albus. The head of this predatory fish is shorter, and has a convex forehead.
Alt-Kamchatka, Raduga River, flyfishing, charr Same as Dolly Varden, this char is often going out into the sea for feeding. Now, in September, it is entering the rivers for spawning and wintering. Alt-Kamchatka Raduga char In the Raduga River there are lots of Kamchatka grayling Thymallus arcticus mertensi. This omnivorous fish is easy to catch with literally any lure or fly.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga grayling The Prince nymph was catching not only grayling but char as well. It had proved to be a good char fly in the Far East.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga char nymph Rainbow trout in Kamchatka loves Pacific salmon flies. This one was caught with a pink wobbler-fly. Fluorescent pink color which was the best most of the time, especially a pink fly which is wiggling its tail...
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga mykiss wigglebug Andrey had caught one more good size char with a fly.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga charr In the middle reaches of the Raduga there are lots of dead trees which could make the navigation tricky.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga The next morning was foggy. I was fishing the Raduga near the camp, at the first pool upstream from the junction with the Kamchatka River. Because of the low light conditions the fish were not very active. The best flies were the brightest ones - fluorescent pink or red.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga This silver-sided kundzha (white-spotted char) is fresh from the sea. This is one more Asian-only char species.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga kundzha At the opposite bank from the camp there was a bear trail. No, it was not just a trail, but a true bear highway! Alt-Kamchatka Raduga bear Some prints are made by the "nice" size animals.
Alt-Kamchatka Raduga bear To be continued..