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This blog is dedicated to flyfishing which is the most interesting fishing method.
I am living in the Russian Far East, love fishing and travel, flyfish since 1986.

Bystraya R., Kamchatka, Sep 2011

Alt-Kamchatka Bystraya There are many rivers named Bystraya (swift) in Kamchatka. This particular Bystraya River is the main source of the Bolshaya River, flowing into the Sea of Okhotsk. The river is 275 km long; it is rated 3 because of a series of the falls in its lower part, downstream from the Malki village

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Antiwobbler 1

Alt-Antiwobbler When I was starting to work with the wobbler-flies (see the post dated January 12, 2012), I had made several ones with a blade put «wrong way» — directed to the water surface. What did I want to get? Just a new type of a heavier-than-water surface skater. When I was testing these new flies in the water, some of them were showing much more complicated behavior than just coming to the surface and then skimming.

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Wobbler Flies 1

Alt- wobbler-fly wiggle-bug This post is starting a series of messages on new, unusual «flies» — wobbler flies (flies with a lip). I am working with these flies for over 15 years. I was able to offer them to different fish in the waters of the Far East and in different other regions of the world as well. I had to do lots of exploration in this field, so some new types of the wobbler flies were invented, such as Antiwobbler or Hook-up Bug. I start the topic with the «classic» wobbler flies.

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New trout-spey fly rod

I have got a possibility to test a new rod of a Russian firm Kola Salmon. This rod belongs to the type which is becoming popular — a trout-spey rod. The rod is 3-4 wt 5 piece, 340 cm (11.4′) long; weight 122 g (4.3 oz). I have taken this rod along to a trip to the northern Kamchatka. Alt-Kamchatka grayling

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Kamchatka, Ozernovskaya creek

Alt-Kamchatka Ozernovskaya dwarf char malma Ozernovskaya Creek is a tributary to the upper part of the Kirganik River, which belongs to the Kamchatka R. drainagbe. The creek is flowing among the mountains of the Central-Kamchatka Ridge, the "spine" of the peninsula. Our team of 3 was making a survey of the upper part of the creek valley in August 2011.

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Kamchatka, Bystraya River


In Kamchatka there are several rivers named Bystraya which means Swift in Russian. There is no surprise in this as the big part of the Peninsula is cowered by mountains, and many of its streams are swift. The Bystraya which we are talking about flows to the east, into the Kamchatka River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.

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